Stories are an important part of every culture and community and have a huge influence on how each of us develop and grow. They help children to understand the world and learn vital lessons as well as often providing Heroes to aspire to be like! Stories are as important for Adults as they are for children! 

I have loved telling stories my whole life.

From my 6 year old tall tales of fantastical biscuit robberies and princess training camps for teaching friends (yes even the boys!) to be *more ladylike* recreating the epic myths and legends of the past, today in Schools, Festivals, Local Woodlands Groups and many other events.  

I am an oral storyteller which means that I tell from my head and my heart, not a book. However I LOVE reading and enjoy reading a book out loud to a group of avid listeners almost as much as a good story.  (Keep your eyes peeled for new book themed events in the future)

I find the stories I tell from all other the place, many of my favourites are the ones that have lived in my own heart since I was a child such as the myths of Ancient Greece, or Hans Christian Anderson stories. I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by more stories than I can remember  throughout my life.  One of my aims as an oral storyteller is to pass on the feeling of Wonder created when we hear a story we love.

I have a special love for local folklore. As a Peterborough resident stories about the Fens are especially exciting.

I have a range of stories to suit different topics or themes and can put together a craft or art workshop to accompany the story, such as mask making, or story weaving.

I have created a set of fun resources to inspire children (and adults!) to create their own stories and to help them open up their own imagination and use these to run story creation workshops which are excellent as a stand alone session or can be booked to compliment my telling.

Having a safe and comfortable space to hear stories is important and I always bring with me a basket full of  blankets, lots of cosy cushions and various lovely materials to decorate my telling space.


Stories in Schools are an excellent way to introduce a new theme in schools or as part of an immersive day.  They are excellent for complimenting the literacy curriculum in schools and stimulating the imagination. 



Stories at Festivals and Events provide a rich and novel way to engage and entertain audiences and always attract many listeners.

This year you can find me at various events including the following:

  • The Straw Bear Festival in Whittlesey in January 2018
  • The International Storytelling Festival in Zagreb, Croatia in May
  • The Cambridge Folk Festival in August
  • The Gransden Show in September 


Performing a poem I wrote at a local regular Poetry Night in Peterborough

Performing a poem I wrote at a local regular Poetry Night in Peterborough

If you'd like to book me for storytelling in your school please drop me a message via the contact page.